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The O'Koko Story

Hi, I'm Abbe and I am the founder of O’Koko.  From a very young age I have been super interested in fashion design, and comfort and practicality were always my number one priority. When I finished school I started multiple university degrees and never finished them as the need for an income far outweighed my passion for any of the courses I had started. Two of these courses were business & fashion so it turns out that what I did learn hasn’t completely gone to waste!

In September 2021, I was presented with the opportunity to purchase Koko Cosmetica, my first business baby and my pride and joy.  When I took on Koko I had a 6 week old baby and a 2 year old while also juggling my husband being fifo. It was a MASSIVE juggle and took all of my focus for the entire first year. 

After about a year of trade and ironing out all the nitty gritty details, I had the team of my dreams, a much better work-life balance and finally some time to sit and work out the next steps and how I wanted to make my mark on the industry. 
A lot of Brow artists choose education or cosmetic supplies as their second form of income and their ‘next step’.  While this is something I absolutely look up to , I knew I didn’t want to follow the crowds and just do what everyone else was doing, especially when I knew that wasn’t what I was truly passionate about. 

As Koko began to grow and we started getting busier and busier, myself and my girls were working full days, every day of the week.  Which quickly created the need for a comfortable, practical uniform, so we didn’t have to think about a fresh outfit daily , good enough to wear to work but comfortable enough to be
in all day. 

And so, the first ever ‘KOKO’ tee was born.  All I did was purchase my favourite box fit tee from one of my favourite basic brands and I had my logo embroided on the front.  I did this with the intention that it would only be myself and the girls wearing these tee-shirts and boy was I wrong. I had so much interest in these tee’s, I ended up getting 50 of them made and sold them all. 

All of the tshirt sales rekindled my love for fashion and my desire to create my own label.  I love my salon and the work me and my team have done to build her up so it was a no brainer that this label had to be named after her. 

I spend a lot of time researching and scouring the internet for basic staple pieces to add to my wardrobe.  I love pieces that I can wear to for multiple different occasions ie; work, brekky, pilates or even a dinner date.  And therefore I knew I wanted to create pieces that were functional, affordable yet still high quality. 

The O'koko Season One edit is only the beginning.  I have started with creating the items in my wardrobe I am always reaching for; a high quality box fit tee, my favourite pilates onepiece that I literally wear everywhere , and a one piece that’s a little more ‘dressy’ perfect worn to work and then dressed up for a dinner date right after. 

As someone who has struggled with body image, been pregnant, gained lots of weight and also worked really hard to lose it all, it was really important to me to create these pieces so that every
‘body’ felt comfortable and supported in them. 

I hope these pieces compliment your body and your wardrobe as much as they do mine!


O'KOKO is committed to sustainable practices from material sourcing, to the production of our garments. We ensure that production is done ethically, and our products are cruelty free and vegan from beginning to end.

We are also committed to sustainability by creating a comfortable and affordable high quality product that will last, with the correct care our products will last you years!

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